Takom is a progressive manufacturer of injection molded polystyrene miniature model kits located in Dong Guan, China. The primary focus of our products has been historical military vehicles in 1/72, 1/35, and 1/16 scales. We work with a global network of research consultants, who provide us with photos & measurements taken in the field, as well as rare documentation which allows us to ensure the most accurate representations of our subjects. Our products are manufactured to exacting standards using the latest technologies available in the industry, and each item is carefully tested to ensure our customers the highest quality.
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Scale models have been an integral part of human civilization since prehistoric times. Throughout the ages, the subjects of these miniatures have diversified, and the technology to produce them has revolutionized into the wonderful hobby that we enjoy today. No longer made of clay, wood, and bone, the model kits of today are designed on computers and manufactured with synthetic materials.  Instead of simple figurines, we now have the ability to make virtually anything in miniature form, with our imaginations being the only limits to our creativity.

In the growing world of military miniature scale model kits, Takom is rapidly gaining a reputation for original subjects and high-quality products. Since our founding in 2013 in Hong Kong, we have expanded our team and established a factory in Guangdong China, resulting in over 100 new product launches to date. With continuous improvements in our design & manufacturing process, this expansion is expected to continue well into the future.

We take great pride in our work, and with help from experts in the field, we painstakingly research each subject before moving on to engineering and production. While we endeavor to provide a very high level of accuracy and detail in our products, we also make it a top priority to design our kits with the modeler in mind by allowing for assembly within a reasonable amount of time.

Takom will continue to provide new and original subjects each month, as well as to revisit classic subjects with a new approach. While many other companies make endless promises that never seem to materialize, Takom works to deliver an ever expanding line of high quality kits of the subjects modelers are waiting for.

We would like to extend our deep gratitude to modelers around the world for demanding the most innovative subjects from the very best  in kit manufacturers.
Thank you for building Takom!